Here is our spark radar
[What does radar give?]
Activation of passive clients
Localization of the client base
Increasing the number of checks
Ellimination spam from communications with the client
Monitoring the traffic of visiting an establishment
In-depth analysis of marketing indicators
[How does it work?]
Analytics and personalized notifications
Start finding new locations and sending personalized Push notifications to customers based on their location
[Our services]
Push notifications to clients entering the marked zone
Multifunctional device of proximity communication.
Tracking of the most loaded zones, based on the GPS of customers

Geofencing allows you to send personalized notifications to users of your application at the moment when they are in active geolocation.
For example, a user passing by a store will receive a Push with information about a product or discounts.
Application case: Rosneft
1. In the personal account in the platform, a virtual perimeter is created on the map near the gas station.

2. A virtual perimeter (geofence) should be placed on the road so that passing cars will go through it.

3. When users log into geofence, they receive a push notification with information about the nearest gas station and an invitation to visit it.

With the help of a trigger, you can find out the area where most of your customers are.
The geotrigger can be used to obtain data on the maximum load of the location, seasonality and change of trends at the location.
Management can use a trigger to find the ideal location.
Application case: VkusVill
1. Using the geotrigger, you can find the areas of the city where there are most customers of VkussVill.

2. VkusVill management can use georigering to track the ideal location for a new store or provide this data to an interested franchisee.

3. You can also use a Geogeotrigger to collect data on the maximum load of the location.

Attraction of customers to the store is helped by geofencing; the average duration of the visit is being tracked simultaneously
When a customer appears, beacon contacts his device and can offer bonuses or goods.
There is a possibility of fine-tuning: for example, to order or pay for services and goods through bacon, as well as to send a farewell message when the connection with beacon is broken
Application case: Burger King
How to attract customers ?

1. Pleasant bonuses offered at the right time in the right place.

2. An invitation to test new Burger King products.

3. Gamification of the process of visiting a restaurant.
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